Divine Aura Touch


A Cleansing Experience.


  • Restore Energetic Field- Clears blockages
  • Aura Cleansing- Purifies the body of negative energy
  • Chakra Balancing- Physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing
  • Guided meditation- Visualization and manifestation
  • Crystal Sound Bath- Reduce anxiety, enhance mood
  • Aroma healing- Reduce stress and depression
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Receive the gift of healing touch and aroma through a relaxing and soothing session. As part of your nurturing experience, I will blend the subtle energies of Divine healing energy with various manual pressures and rhythms. This ritualistic healing encourages deep revitalization, relieves stress and tension in the muscles, all while gently balancing the flow of life-force energy. As a result, feel yourself become more grounded, refreshed, and renewed.

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*All sessions are a minimum 75 minutes, can be customized to be longer if needed.

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